Mighty Volunteer

KhyraKhyra Lammers

School: Temple University

Hometown: Bronx, NY

How long have you been a volunteer with MW? I started as a workshop teaching assistant in fall 2013. Since fall 2014, I have been an intern at the West Philadelphia location.

How would you define your role at MW? As an older sister or a grandma among other things. Some of the students will jokingly call me that, but I always take it as a compliment. It is nice to know that I am considered a leader in their family.


“At Mighty Writers West, you really can’t miss a new face.”


What skills are necessary for a Mighty volunteer? Adaptability is key. To succeed as a volunteer you have to be able to become quickly accustomed to the newness that comes with each day.

What is unique about Mighty Writers West? The bond among the volunteers, staff and students. The students are welcoming to new faces, which makes it a great environment for all.

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