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MW Mohamed and Gabriel

Mohamed Lewis

Hometown: Born Conakry, Guinea and currently living in Northeast Philadelphia

What I’m doing now: I’m a student & athlete for Community College of Philadelphia, aspiring to pursue a career in physical therapy and personal training. I volunteer for Mighty Writers and manage a part-time position as a sales associate at Macy’s.

Been a volunteer at MW since: April 2015

What I do at MW: I volunteer once at week at MW West and I mentor at MW South. I make a connection with every kid in the program by also engaging in the physical activities, such as going to the park. Games like football, soccer and jump rope provide great chances to show kids the values of teamwork, communication and collaboration.

Last book I read: “Dibs In Search of Self” by Virginia Axaline

Book I liked as a kid: “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss

Advice to MW kids: Life is about taking chances. Never be afraid of a new experience because it will open so many opportunities.

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