Community Service for Teens

We get this question from teens a lot: “Can I complete my community service hours at Mighty Writers?”

We can accommodate, sure. Teens help us organize our libraries and update our administrative data. Our Street Team provides valuable recruitment and outreach.

A few days ago, a student enrolled in Filmmaking 101 at Mighty Writers West asked if her participation could count for community service.

We gave it some thought.

The workshop teaches filmmaking skills, but it also requires hard work and a significant, year-long time commitment. Then, students create videos to promote social change in Philadelphia. Community service? We think so.

Teen Scholar Night Market

We started listing the outcomes of community service that are also true of Mighty Writers workshops.

Community service connects young people to like-minded peers and professional mentors. So do Mighty Writers workshops.

Community service teaches students valuable communication and interpersonal skills. So do Mighty Writers workshops.

Community service looks great on college applications, and provides students with unique experiences for college essay writing. So do Mighty Writers workshops.

Finally, community service helps students find their passion and interests by engaging them in real world work. We’ve always said that writing well takes tons of work. It’s why we’re Mighty. So, check.

More high schools are requiring community service hours. Do yours at Mighty Writers. Sign up for a teen workshop today.

Teen Groups – MW El Futuro, 1025 S. 9th Street

Teen Groups – MW North, 1801 Diamond St.

Teen Groups – MW South, 1501 Christian St.

Teen Groups – MW West, 3861 Lancaster Ave.

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