Volunteer of the Month

Robin Stewart is the workshop leader for Princess to Queen, which will hold its third session spring 2014. She is pictured below (far right) with the spring 2014 Princess to Queen participants and their escorts at the end-of-workshop ceremony.

Princess to Queen MW 2014

How long have you been a volunteer with MW? About 7 months.

How would you define your role at MW? Since I gain so much working with the young ladies my role at MW is simply a part-time group leader. They get to lead at times and I get to learn.


MW volunteers have flexibility, enthusiasm and empathy.


What skills do you think are necessary for a Mighty volunteer? Flexibility, enthusiasm for your subject and empathy. Always strive to create an experience that you would like to have.

What is unique about Mighty Writers? The staff and volunteers are genuinely caring people. They care about the whole person, not just the writer.

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