Mighty Volunteer


Kara Cochran

Currently: MFA Program, Rosemont College.

Hometown: I’ve moved around my entire life.

How long a Mighty volunteer? A little over a year.

What do you do at Mighty Writers? I previously volunteered with the MW South Academy and workshops. I am now a mentor, and I’m conducting a debate workshop this summer.

What did you write as a kid? Essays and letters. My dad worked for the State Department, and I once wrote a letter to Madeleine Albright asking to give my dad more time at home. My dad still has the letter.


It is so important to ignite a passion for writing at a young age.


What makes a Mighty Writer? Mighty are the people aware of the power in the written word and its ability to incite change.

What keeps you coming back to Mighty Writers? The pride and passion that comes with being a Mighty Writer. People who read as children are more likely to lead successful lives. It is so important to ignite that passion for reading and writing at a young age and empower children to lead successful lives.

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