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Kaiya (left) and Eniah (right) have been a part of Mighty Writers since September 2015. They participate in the MW Academy program at Mighty Writers South, 1501 Christian St. In the Academy, we write informative, persuasive, narrative and poetry. We do this all after school. It takes a Mighty big effort, and these girls come through every time. Here is a taste of what they’ve been working on this year.
How to Dance
By Eniah D., grade 4

You should stretch before you dance. Then, pick the kind of song: Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Point, Acro or Contemporary. Feel the music and make up a dance. Go over the dance one million times so that you won’t forget it. Get comfortable with your dance, maybe do a show in front of your family and friends. I’m pretty sure they will love it.

I am…
By Kaiya B., grade 5

Just a singer who wants to be tough,
Not trying to be mean, not trying to be rough,
I’m creative, unique, stylish and all that stuff
I’m special, no haters, ‘cause I had ENOUGH!!!

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