Khyra Lammers (con’d)

What makes someone a Mighty Writer? One who won’t let perceived obstacles of what they can’t do stop them from expressing themselves.

What was your favorite book as a kid? “Goosebumps” or “Captain Underpants.”

What did you like to write as a kid? Songs. I used to copy down song lyrics from my favorite songs and change the words, or just write whatever came to my head. Music and writing have always gone hand in hand for me.


“I’m in awe of Beloved by Toni Morrison.”


Who influenced you to care about writing? While taking an English course at Temple, my professor asked me to meet with her during office hours for my final portfolio. I panicked, thinking that I must have failed, but she actually wanted to meet to encourage me to consider studying English at Temple.

What was the last book you read? “Beloved,” by Toni Morrison. I am still in awe of that book. Toni Morrison has a unique way of putting words together, and I have not been that moved by language since putting that book down.

What do you like to write now? I still enjoy making up song lyrics, but I also like writing short stories. I get really invested in the characters.

What keeps you coming back to Mighty Writers? The students. I have a close connection with many of them. Witnessing their growth is a beautiful thing.


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