Marianne Murphy (con’d)

What makes someone a Mighty Writer? A Mighty Writer is someone who writes fearlessly and finds the joy in creating.

If you could put a Mighty Writers anywhere, where would it be? I’d love to see a MW in Washington DC. I grew up around that area and I know there are a lot of kids who would love to take some of the awesome workshops Mighty Writers offers.

What was your favorite book as a kid? I read “The Daydreamer” by Ian McEwan about a thousand times. I also really loved “Wayside School is Falling Down” by Louis Sachar and “The People in Pineapple Place” by Anne Lindbergh.


“As a kid, I loved writing illustrated stories, journal entries

and letters to people I admired.”


Who influenced you to care about writing? My eighth grade English teacher, Ms. Reynolds, inspired my love of writing. She encouraged me and my friends to work on the school paper and published our weirdest articles, like reviews of the school bathrooms or conspiracy theories about field trips.

What was the last book you read? I just finished “Only Ever Yours” by  Louise O’Neill. It’s a YA novel, and it’s a very chilling dystopia that deals with important feminist issues.

What is your favorite thing to write now? Short stories, music, and fiction for children. I also write animation screenplays for school, and I’m about to start an MFA program at VCFA in Writing For Children and Young Adults.

What keeps you coming back to Mighty Writers? It’s one of the best places in the city for children’s writing and art. All the kids I meet at Mighty Writers are so creative and inspiring.

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