Mighty Volunteer

Quaizee & Calvin

Quaizee T. Isham

School: JEVS E3 Power Center

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Here’s what Quaizee has to say about his experience at MW South: 

Since starting at Mighty Writers in February, I’ve come to love this program and its atmosphere. My role here is to tutor the children, creating healthy and everlasting bonds. I’m also eager to help with pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

The skills that make a strong Mighty volunteer are patience and joyfulness. Mighty Writers South (located at 1501 Christian St.) is unique because it’s welcoming, loving and full of life.

Two things that make a Mighty Writer are creativity and a willingness to learn new things. If I could place a Mighty Writers program anywhere, I would put one in Africa. A program like this in Africa would help a lot of children build key skills for the future and give them a place to feel at home.

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