Mighty Volunteers

Andrea Adeshigbin, MW North

School: Arcadia University

My hometown: Philadelphia. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I went to Central High School, the second oldest high school in the country.

A Mighty Writers student who inspires me: Aniyah takes her time, but by the time she’s finished her writing pieces are works of art. She always strikes me as someone who tries to take it easy, something I am still trying to learn how to do.

Favorite thing I’ve written: I have been working on a novel since high school. It’s a labor of love and research. Let’s just say immortals meet Octavia Butler’s Kindred.

Cybil Sanzetenea, MW El Futuro

Occupation: Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher at Elkin Elementary

My hometown:  I grew up in a small Long Island town with the ocean as my backyard. What’s interesting is that, though Port Jefferson may seem like an idyllic little beach town, it’s actually full of drama and intrigue.

A Grown-up Mighty writer who inspires me:  Roald Dahl’s writing is the greatest pleasure on earth. I will never be tired of rereading The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, or The Twits.

Favorite thing I’ve written:  My senior thesis was a children’s book. It tells the story of a boy in Bolivia who often visits a cemetery, the stray dog that watches him, and a very spirited fruit fly. I carved and printed all of the illustrations, and it was awesome.

Aileen Tschiderer, MW West

School: University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

My hometown:  I moved to Philadelphia from Portland, Maine and recently learned about the whoopie pie feud that exists between Maine and Pennsylvania. Both claim to be the birthplace of the dessert and there’s a serious food fight between the two.

A Mighty Writer who inspires me:  I have to pick one?! Really all Mighty Writers participants inspire me with their creativity, perspective, passion and insight.

My favorite thing I’ve written:  In high school I wanted to join the school’s literary magazine but didn’t make the cut when I first interviewed. I was pretty upset. However, I loved writing, kept at it, and won the school’s poetry contest the next year. That poem is near to my heart because I’m proud of what I wrote and it showed me the value of perseverance.

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