The Case of the Stolen Painting and the Horrible Bully

During the summer of 2014, six Mighty Writers in grades 4-7 wrote a gothic, urban book designed for younger children. The topic was one close to our hearts at the time: bullying. Less than two years later, with the support of illustrator Amy Scheideggar of the Artistic Rebuttal Project, we held the book in our hands.

It was worth the wait. Now, we’re thrilled to share it with YOU, Philly teachers, families and kids. Download a FREE pdf of our book here.

LOVE it a lot? Purchase a hard copy, and support future books by Mighty Writers!

We hope you like it.

Aaron Armstrong
Serenity Baruzzini
Zakaa Cruse
Saamia Dingle
Jabari McKie
Katelyn Nguyen


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