Boy, Do We Like Books!

Little gets us as excited as receiving book donations. When kids at Mighty Writers see a new pile of books, they scramble to make a claim.

We teach the power of reading and storytelling every day at Mighty Writers. We know. Nothing reinforces the power of writing better than a good book.

So, please, think of Mighty Writers when looking to make a book donation.

Just a few things to keep in mind: No one likes old textbooks. And much as they may have meant to us, kids just don’t get Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew vintage escapades. (Sacrilege, we know.)

Our Mighty kids like graphic novels, timeless classics and stories that focus on contemporary issues. They like funny books, and coming-of-age books, and history books, too. Their reading interests cover a broad spectrum of literary fare.

To make a book donation to Mighty Writers, contact us via email at hello@mightywriters.org.

Oh, and one last thing, and we hope you understand: We only accept lightly-used books.

(Tattered just isn’t Mighty.)

Thank you for thinking of us!

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