On the Road

Looking to turn a group of Philly students into Mighty Writers but unable to make it to one of our centers?

We take some tried-and-true writing workshop classes on the road for students at schools, libraries and youth centers.

Please choose from the following Mighty favorites and get in touch. All On the Road workshops are fee-for-service. Prices are available upon request.

Stage to Page
Suggested age group: 5 to 8 years
Facilitators: Martha Cooney & Kristen Scheir
Maximum participants: 25
We’ll use our imaginations to explore oral storytelling and drama as a kickstart for writing down stories. As young directors and players, we’ll bring our stories to life, then write and illustrate our stories in book form. We’ll learn the basic elements of a story including the who (characters), where (setting), and what (plot). Come stir up the magic of the stories we create through play! Available as a single or six-session workshop; one facilitator per class.
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Stories from around the World
Suggested age group: 5 to 8 years
Facilitator: Kimberly Garrison
Maximum participants: 25 parent-child pairs
Children need stories so that they can learn about themselves, their families and the world around them. Through this workshop, we’ll explore the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Ugly Duckling,” and learn about similar adaptations of this universally loved story. Join Mighty Writers for a storytelling performance by Kimberly Garrison that includes educational tips and read-aloud parent resources. Each child must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian in order to participate in this workshop. Available as a single or six-session workshop.
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Comic Madness
Suggested age group: 8 and up
Facilitators: Asher Humm, Alli Katz, Mark Robinson, Eli Straussman & Steve Teare
Maximum participants: 25
Do you like cartooning? How about comic books? Learn techniques for crafting a narrative, building characters, pacing, storyboarding, page layout and illustration. During six 90-min. sessions, participants produce their own comic books individually or in small groups. Join the ranks of the Mighty Comic Artists. Available as a single or six-session workshop; one facilitator per class.
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Girl Power Theater
Suggested age group: 10 and up
Facilitators: Martha Cooney, Caroline Rhoads & Kristen Schier
Maximum participants: 25
Through improvisation and acting exercises, we celebrate the voices and opinions of the young ladies of Philadelphia. We’ll talk about girl empowerment and storytelling, and learn to celebrate one another’s strengths and stories. Together, we’ll create original characters that represent the girls of Philadelphia and develop a plot that tells all of our stories. Multi-session workshops end in a final performance. Available as a single or six-session workshop; one facilitator per class.
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Write Your Revolution
Suggested age group: 10 and up
Facilitator: Shanise Redmon
Maximum participants: 25
Come read the works of revolutionary black writers who changed the face of black America and how it was viewed, both at home and abroad. We’ll read the works of Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Claude Brown, Langston Hughes, Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni and bell hooks. In a safe space (Black Lives Matter, police brutality, environmental racism), we’ll talk about the issues of today, and write our own revolutionary action plans for change. Available as a single or six-session workshop.
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Performance Poetry for T(w)eens
Suggested age group: 12 and up
Facilitator: Malcolm Kenyatta
Maximum participants: 25
In Performance Poetry for T(w)eens, students will think critically about the connection between performance poetry and social justice. Because poetry has been an effective way to increase students’ aptitude in reading comprehension, writing development, listening skills and speaking skills, participants will use performance poetry techniques to write their urban experience. Available as a single or six-session workshop; six-session workshops end with a performance.
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Two-minute Movies
Suggested age group: 12 and up
Facilitator: Nisse Greenberg
Maximum participants: 25
Turn your writing into a movie! In this workshop, we’ll learn how to storyboard a motion picture. Storyboarding is a way to use illustrations to pre-visualize a motion picture. After we storyboard, we’ll use digital technology to create and edit our own twominute videos! You’ll be shocked to see how much you can fit into two minutes. This workshop is available six-session workshop only.
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You’re Hired! Job Prep Workshop
Suggested age group: 14 and up
Facilitator: Kenyetta Overton
Maximum participants: 25
This six-session workshop is facilitated by Kenyetta Overton of Overton Professional Services, founder of The Murals of the Mind (M.O.M.) Project. The workshop covers: resume and cover letter writing, working papers, email/phone etiquette, interview and wardrobe preparation and job search. Act now to make sure the best jobs are yours for the taking. Each participant will come away with a custom resume and cover letter.
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Mighty Writers Assembly
Suggested grades: middle grades 5-8
Facilitator: Caroline Rhoads
Maximum participants: 200
What does it mean to be Mighty? Does it mean you’re brave, strong and bold? Maybe it means you’re kind, sincere and thoughtful. It can mean all those things, but most importantly it means being YOURSELF. Being mighty is being YOU. In this 45-minute assembly, actors, improvisers and writers from Philadelphia will encourage and empower youth to explore their mightiness. By the end of the workshop, students will be prepared to return to class and begin a self-reflective narrative writing assignment. Teachers of all participating classes will receive a teachers’ packet complete with student handouts and a teacher’s guide to continue Mighty writing in his or her classroom.
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College Essays: Begin at the Beginning
Suggested grades: high school 11-12
Facilitators: Martha Cooney, Carrie Hagan & Shanise Redmon
Maximum participants: 25
Are you having trouble getting started on your college essay? Are you a kinesthetic learner who likes to create through DOING? Are you wondering what college admissions directors respond to? Join Mighty Writers for an interactive, theatrical experience that will help you launch your college essay. Using group activities and theater games, we’ll find our writing voices and locate the central narrative of our powerful college essays. Then, we’ll put it into a structure that is sure to catch the eye of admissions at the college of your dreams. This is a single, two-hour workshop.
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To learn more or to schedule an On the Road workshop, call or email Education Director Rachel Loeper

P.S. More to come!


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