“She enjoys Mighty Writers so much. I have been meaning to bring in a sample of her writing from last year and compare it to her writing this year. She has made significant progress and enjoys writing much more than in the past. I’m grateful for your program.” —Temwa W. (mother of a Mighty 6th grader)

“My son just completed his first assignment as a sportswriter for his high school newspaper. Please know that Mighty Writers & [Sportswriting workshop leader] Ms. John-Hall have been most instrumental to my son, to the point where he has elevated his interest in possibly becoming a sportswriter or sports broadcaster as a career choice.” —Parent of a Mighty 10th grader

“From a mom’s point of view, anything to get these kids to enjoy writing is great! At their school, they only do writing to take the PSSA, which means it’s all passage analysis. Zero is devoted to creative writing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids are afraid to do it at this point.” —Mother of a Mighty 5th grader and a Mighty 2nd grader

“Mighty Writers is a gift. I was so worried for my child that he had lost his voice. And now I hear him say, ‘I am a Mighty Writer.’ You don’t know what that means to me.” —Meredith M. (mother of a Mighty 3rd grader)

“My son enjoyed his second year at MW and formed positive relationships with students and tutors (especially Caroline). Thank you for creating such a safe and nurturing place for kids! —Lynne H. (mother of a Mighty 5th grader)

“I like your classes. I have learned how at the end of two sentences in a rap the last two words rhyme. For example, tap and rap. I think a rap is poetry but with some rhythm.” —A Mighty 4th grader

“I just wanted to tell you that my son is attending Teen Lounge and Sports Writing now. He absolutely loves it! I’m so glad he’s found somewhere he can be comfortable with kids his own age.” —Alana H. (mother of a Mighty 8th grader)

“I am a parent of two mighty writers. I am also a writing teacher for Philadelphia public schools. I am so happy with the methods that the Mighty Writers use. It has expanded their creativity and caused their intuitiveness for writing to grow. I am so proud if their writing and thank Mighty Writers tremendously!” —Aimee D. (mother of a Mighty 3rd grader and a Mighty 6th grader)

“I truly believe that her attendance at Mighty Writers provided a turning point for her in her academics, self-esteem and self-expression. Every kid coming through the doors of 15th and Christian is welcomed, celebrated, and encouraged through a supportive learning environment.” —Carol R. (mother of a Mighty 8th grader)

“I am just so happy with the progress my son is making. I just wanted to share that with you and to say THANKS to you and the staff at Mighty Writers for all of your influence on my children and the children in the neighborhood. You are doing great things for the children of S. Philly.” —Renee A. (mother of a Mighty 5th grader and a Mighty 8th grader)

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