Workshop Leaders

Yoga for Kids Fall 2014

Time: Monday through Thursday, 6-8pm; Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm

Commitment: Regular, direct communication with up to 16 students for the length of one complete workshop. Workshops can be 1-10 sessions long. Opportunities exist for workshop leaders to incubate their classes in our studio, and take them On the Road as a contracted facilitator with Mighty Writers.

-Ability to work with students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, and create a safe space for all.
-Ability to plan dynamic and effective lesson plans that engage students with a variety of writing levels and learning styles.
-Punctuality and follow-through.
-A short, unpublished writing sample (please provide this in the space below).

Training: New workshop leaders submit a proposal and meet one-on-one with our program director to build their curriculum and lesson plans.

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